Case Studies

Pupils come to Newbury Hall for one week to six months with specific academic ambitions.

Cristin’s school finished its academic year in January, but her new UK school didn’t start until September, so she decided to join Newbury Hall from January to June for a two-term introduction to UK boarding school life, intensive IELTS and some subject taster lessons in maths, biology & chemistry. She also took additional 1:1 medical English lessons to explore her intended career in surgery.

Benjamin had been at school in Switzerland, but wanted to pursue a golf career at a world-class, English-only academy in Dubai; he was already one of the top junior players in Europe. He came to Newbury Hall in October for two intensive terms to help him broaden his subject knowledge and improve his IELTS band score from 3.5 to 6, taking individual golf lessons alongside his academic programme.

Fiona finished school in France and took an early gap year to help her decide what direction to pursue at university. She came to Newbury Hall for a half term from October until Christmas, and then chose to continue for a further full term from January to April. She was able to explore her interests in philosophy, history and biology through English, as well as working on her mathematics, which she saw as her weakest subject. She created and led a series of motivational workshops for other students, chaired the student council and helped organise educational tours to cultural destinations she specifically wished to visit. She returned to France in April, spent her summer doing work experience more confidently in an English-language environment, and began university with clear goals.

Emily arrived in January after a ‘false start’ on a GCSE programme at another British school in September: she was finding the language, social and cultural expectations to be too high in the unfamiliar UK culture at a large school so far from home. From January to June at Newbury Hall she spent a six-month semester concentrating on English, maths & science to give her a chance to restart academically, while the school’s family atmosphere and the opportunity to be honest with her teachers about her academic concerns meant that she could rejoin her original programme the following September. She returns to Newbury Hall every vacation for additional support.

Christopher had strong academic potential but had not been realising it elsewhere. His parents asked whether Newbury Hall could reformulate his academic trajectory to re-engage him with his education and respark a love for learning in general. The Intensive Academic Literacy programme allowed him to try a variety of subjects to refine his choices for exams the following year, and with such clarity his self-confidence skyrocketed. When his mother visited, she cried openly to see her son such a changed young man: enthusiastic about school and thinking independently, pushing himself onwards with newly acquired study skills and self-discipline, enjoying discussing academic and cultural issues with his teachers, and looking fresh-facedly forward to his next academic year.

James arrived at Newbury Hall in April. He had already achieved an IELTS band 7 a few months earlier, and now wanted to realise his long-standing dream of passing his Cambridge Proficiency exam before summer. He took 1:1 Intensive Exam Skills lessons every morning, and joined an Intensive Academic Literacy class in the afternoons to work on subjects, projects and other more transferable skills. With his own dedication and Newbury Hall’s support he not only passed the exam, but made strong friendships and memories.

Charlotte attended two weeks of intensive 1:1 tuition specifically for the UKiset. She combined focused exam practice in verbal and non-verbal reasoning with essay writing lessons and interview techniques – rehearsing daily in simulations – and excelled.

Nala had her sights firmly set on art college in England, but did not have the requisite academic background to meet her chosen college’s entry criteria. After two terms at Newbury Hall she was able to present the admissions department with GCSE grades and an IELTS band score that met their requirements, as well as an impressive art portfolio that clearly showcased not only her talent, but also the effort she had put into developing her ideas visually and with complex accompanying analyses.

Alex & Amy were due to start two-year GCSEs in the UK in September. However, to better prepare them for the language, academic and social expectations, they came to Newbury Hall from August to December before starting five-term GCSEs in January. During their extended four-month preparatory term they improved their reading ages by the equivalent of several years and left without fear of native-level coursebooks, teachers or classes. They were also able to acquire a broad background in science terminology and to practise conducting experiments under controlled conditions, which they had not previously had the opportunity to do.

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